8 lessons from PSG 4-0 Barcelona



Barring a most dramatic second leg at Camp Nou, perhaps with an Ovrebo as ref, Barcelona have been pushed over the cliff of this year's Champions League by PSG. The decimation of the Catalans underneath the dark sky of Paris brought with it some good and hard lessons. Here are our picks.

Barcelona will struggle against hard pressing opposition
Perhaps there are only three ways to beat Barcelona. One is to sit back deep, defend with your lives and score on the break. The second is to live a charmed life. The first hardly works, except you are a Champions League Atletico.

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The second will work if you are a 2012 Chelsea. PSG preferred the third. Barcelona's game is dependent on possession and some MSN magic. The French side denied them both.

The MSN were caged and the midfield and defence were not allowed any meaningful possession. The home side were tactically and mentally spot on. They hit Barca crudely and fearlessly. Their eventual altitude was very much a reflection of their attitude. And if not for Andre Ter Stegen in the Barcelona goal, it would have been much worse.

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