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La Liga By: Ambrose Udeme | 05/02/2018

Atletico Madrid skipper Diego Godin has undergone reconstructive teeth surgery after Sunday's collision with Valencia's Neto during a La Liga fixture.

Godin lost three teeth after the Valencia goalkeeper Neto caught him when he came off his line to clear a ball. The Uruguayan is expected to be out of action for three weeks pending a medical report on the facial damage that he's received.

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A club statement reads: "Our defender suffered an unfortunate facial injury during the second half of the match against Valencia.

"Diego Godin suffered an injury to his face during the match against Valencia. Our defender has suffered a dentoalveolar fracture to three of his maxilla.

"He will undergo maxillofacial surgery in the coming days."

Godin was forced to be substituted early in the second half after clashing with Valencia star Neto.

According to MARCA, the Brazilian goalkeeper came to collect an aerial ball and his arm collided with the defender's face, he then bled from the mouth significantly with the fans unsure what exactly had happened.

Only those watching on monitors could tell the full nature of the injury with the slow-motion replay capturing the exact moment when the teeth were dislodged.