Brazil star reveals what Neymar's return means

World Cup 2018 By: Linus Onyeze | 13/06/2018

Austria v Brazil: Neymar to make first start since February

Neymar has regained his confidence and has shaken off the fear that plagued his return from serious injury, according to Brazil goalkeeper Alisson.

The PSG forward suffered an injury while playing for PSG last season and has only recently returned to action and Alisson is confident the former Barcelona star is ready to take the World Cup by storm.

“Neymar is doing very well, fortunately. I believe they dealt really well with his recovery process. He had a full clinical recovery,” he said on Tuesday.

“Of course in the beginning when he started working with the ball and working with the team we were extra careful.

“He had to deal with the fear, which is normal after such a severe injury. And we also tried to take good care of him in the training sessions.

“Gradually he became more confident. He started in the second half in the first game (against Croatia), he helped us, he lost the fear to play. And in the last game he played really well and I think that made him more confident.

“We need Neymar on the field.”