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Chelsea predicted to win EPL by 7 points

EPL By: Jide Alaka | 11/01/2017

The beginning of 2017 sees Chelsea leading the English Premier League by five points even though they started with a 2-0 loss away to Tottenham. With 18 matches remaining in the 2016/17 season, the Blues under Antonio Conte will be hoping that the prediction remains true.

This prediction was made by Sports Analytics Machine [SAM], the super-computer built by Ian McHale, professor of sports analytics at the University of Salford, together with his colleague Dr Tarak Kharrat.

“At its core, the engine of SAM is a forecasting model for football. From this forecasting model we can do all sorts of nice things like: predict the results and scores of matches and simulate the final league table.

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BBC thus tasked SAM with predicting the winner of the current EPL season by predicting the results of every EPL match from now until the end of the season.

“The results suggest Chelsea will not surrender their five-point lead, but will instead extend it. SAM calculates Antonio Conte's men have a 64% probability of winning the title.”

“SAM also calculated that Tottenham Hotspurs will finish second, one point ahead of Liverpool and Manchester City - a summation that means Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal would finish outside the top four for the first time since the 1995/96 season.