Club president reveals Ronaldo's future plan

La Liga By: Iseghohi Odianosen | 26/06/2017

Club president reveals Ronaldo future plans

Lille sporting director Luis Campos has revealed the future of Cristiano Ronaldo in his interview with TF1, following the Real Madrid player’s disgruntlement with the club after being accused of tax avoidance by the Spanish government.

Campos, like Ronaldo, is a Portuguese national, and he revealed that in text messages to last years’ Champions League winning star, the former Manchester United player was “really sad”.

Campos, speaking on the program, stated: "I do not know if he will go to Paris Saint-Germain and he just told me that he had days of reflection.

Real Madrid is still a bit tense at this time, I think it is also normal, but Cristiano will have time to make the right decision, I'm sure of it, I talk to him, he is one who focuses a lot on his job.”

“I am very surprised about the tax affair and is sorry for what's going on. He always wants to keep a good self-image around the world and for this reason, it is going through a complicated period. "

Ronaldo is currently on international duty for the Confederation Cup, he has guided his team to the semifinal after the win against New Zealand