De Rossi gives his opinion on Ronaldo move to Juventus

Serie A By: Iseghohi Odianosen | 16/07/2018

AS Roma captain Daniele De Rossi has given his opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus at the age of 34, He is of the view that the signing of the Portuguese star does not guarantee success.

"At age 34, you do not have to go any farther than others - LeBron James in another sport at my same age does better things than when he was young." Daniele De Rossi does not feel like boiled:

last year he played one of the best seasons and aims to repeat himself, with an ever stronger Roma. "The situation compared to last year has improved, even if we did something last year". 

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" Cristiano Ronaldo is a benefit for Italy, but especially for Juve who has taken it. They will leave with 2/3 feet ahead. Winning 7 badges means you're doing things well, it means you've killed the championship. Buying one of the first two strongest players in the world means betting even higher. 

You will have to set and the team will have to adapt to him. Not everything is written, even if it is a team that already had the advantage of being stronger. Now with him, the goal is the Champions League, but it is not written that the win as it is said that they win the championship.

Ronaldo will be unveiled today to the fans in Turin.