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Dele Alli's dad, Kehinde, takes case to court

EPL By: Linus Onyeze | 20/03/2017

Dele Alli's biological parents Kehinde and Denise are pursuing legal options in matters regarding the mildfielder.

Dele Alli’s biological parents – Kehinde and Denise – are pursuing legal action over a matter regarding the Tottenham midfielder, it has been learnt.

The England midfielder’s biological parents, who split when he was only three years old, are pursuing legal action because neither of them signed his first professional forms with MK Dons as a 16-year-old, allegedly in breach of regulations, the Mirror reports.

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Tottenham and England star Alli, lived with Alan and Sally Hickford — parents of Harry Hickford, another MK Dons academy player. Alli considers Alan and Sally his mum and dad, but they have never officially adopted him.

The Hickfords' signatures are on Alli's MK Dons contract but their status at the time — only the homeowners of his digs by the letter of the law — is the loophole being exploited by his biological parents.

Denise and Kehinde are estranged from Alli to the extent he took the family surname off his Tottenham shirt at the start of the season.

Alli, who is expected to feature for England against Germany and Lithuania this week, has already had to cope with his parents complaining that he wants nothing to do with them, despite the fact it is believed he gives them money.