Fabregas blasts Chelsea board over poor management

Ligue 1 By: Iseghohi Odianosen | 30/05/2019

Former Arsenal and Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has blasted the Stamford Bridge hierarchy over poor management.

The AS Monaco forward spent four and half years at Chelsea before he left for Ligue 1 outfit in January, the Spanish playmaker calls for a change in attitude from the club directors.

"From inside, all these years that I spent at Chelsea, sometimes there's such negativity surrounding the club for so many things," Fabregas told BT Sport before the match.

"[Jose] Mourinho leaves the club, have a fight. [Antonio] Conte leaves the club, they go to court.

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"The club doesn't come out and tell things the way they are, so they just let the fans think whatever they want to think."

"They don't have enough information and someone should come out every now and then and talk to the press, say what's happening.

"If not there are so many questions marks around the club and the press talk and talk and talk. It just brings negativity.

"It should be always positivity surrounding everyone at the club.

"For example tonight we're talking about negative things when they're in a European final.

"We should be talking about what a good season Chelsea are having. Being in the Champions League and playing two finals.

"So some things needs to change in this case for sure.”

Chelsea won the Europa League league against Arsenal a club where Fabregas started his adventure in England before moving back to Barcelona and then Chelsea.