I could have been a hero like Enrique - Wenger says

Champions League By: Linus Onyeze | 10/03/2017

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says Luis Enrique's rise from 'idiot' to 'hero' sums up the life of a manager, and suggests he could also have been a hero.

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has suggested he could have been on the lips of every Arsenal fan at the moment for the right reasons, just like Barcelona manager, Luis Enrique.

The Barca boss was heavily criticized after suffering a 4-0 defeat at the hands of PSG in the firs leg of their round of 16 clash, but led the Catalans to a massive comeback as they beat the French champions 6-1 on Wednesday night, and 6-5 on aggregate.

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And Wenger says Enrique’s change in status from ‘idiot’ to ‘hero’ is a perfect reflection of a manager’s life, and suggested his side could have also done the same by overturning the 5-1 defeat to Bayern Munich.

“It just sums it up that two weeks ago he was an idiot and everyone said, 'You have to leave.' So he said, ‘OK, I go.’ Today, he is a hero. That sums up the job,” Wenger said.

“I watched it. I stayed with it even when it went to 3-1 because it is ­interesting, on a psychological front, to see how they respond. I wanted to see how Barcelona finished the game and, in fact, they had half-given up.

“I looked more at it from a tactical point of view — what is going on ­mentally in the head of the players.

“At the end of the game, even when you have been so long in football, you sit there and think, ‘How could this happen?’ Is the first penalty a ­penalty? The second one? Honestly...?

“It was fantastic.

"Our game [the 5-1 second-leg loss to Bayern Munich on Tuesday] could have been close. It could have been close ­because the foul on Walcott was a penalty, Giroud had a great chance with a header just after half-time from six yards.

“They were wobbling a little bit at 1-0. At 2-0, it would have changed.

“You could see that with PSG. They froze — players with experience. The ­mental aspect in this kind of game is very important.

“I went for the second option, yes. I got slaughtered because it finished 5-1, but that is what I decided and I stand up for that – I thought, 'Even if it is a one in a million chance, let’s go for it.”

"Anyway, we are out.”