Klopp reveals the advantage Liverpol has over Real Madrid

Champions League By: Iseghohi Odianosen | 13/05/2018

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed the major advantage the Reds have over Real Madrid in the Champions League final when the two teams clash in Kiev.

Liverpool will play their final match in the Premier League against Brighton on Sunday and Klopp is of the view that his players will go on a short break to “recharge the batteries” in the interim.

“The players will not be relaxed really, there will be hopefully moments when the boys can relax which is what they deserve and what they need,” Klopp said. “Rest is a great thing. For us it is good.

“We will do training, but it’s not a camp. It’s not like we will go there and train twice a day or three times a day. No.

“It’s to recharge the batteries. Then when we come home we have another week to prepare the game. We will prepare the game there [on the trip] as well. We have time together and stuff like that.

“Earlier we can analyse stuff, and there are a lot of things we can do then to get used to the situation.”

Liverpool have 13 days between their final Premier League game to the Champions League final, while Real Madrid has just a seven-day gap.

Assessing the difference, the German believes it could prove key.

“It’s a massive difference,” he added. “For the better? Yeah, for us, sure.”

Liverpool is looking to stop Real Madrid from winning the title for the third time in a row when they meet in Kiev on the 26th of May.