Lampard opens up on David Luiz move from Chelsea to Arsenal

EPL By: Iseghohi Odianosen | 09/08/2019

Frank Lampard has opened up on David Luis move from Chelsea to Arsenal, according to report.

Lampard was of the opinion that Luiz is unwillingly to fight for a place in his new team and in that wise he pushed for a move out of the Stamford Bridge on the deadline day.

"We had some conversations over the last week, honest conversations because I know David well and I think the conclusion of that was that he moved on so I think it's pretty clear in those terms," Lampard said.

"It's an area of the pitch where I have competition, there's going to be competition through the year and people will need to make that shirt their own as they will all over the pitch.

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"I don't have ones and twos and threes and that's what everyone has to understand and that will be the same everywhere but it's a competitive area I'll say so he's moved on.

"I and we as a club certainly wish him the absolute best because he's been part of a lot of really good things in our recent history and now he goes on to play elsewhere and we must focus on ourselves."

Lampard also insisted Luiz didn't go on strike.

"There certainly wasn't any strikes, so I'll make that clear straight away and in terms of fall-outs, no there weren't, there were honest conversations and I think as a player they always respect honestly from a manager, whatever the news and I think I got that back from David, hence why he ended up moving on to Arsenal so there were no strikes.

"The day David didn't train was a decision that I made because we were in the middle of this and we were talking and it was quite clear which way it was going but that was not a decision as a punishment or because there was a strike or being ostracised at all, it was just probably what worked for that day, and the deal is done."

Chelsea will take a trip to Old Trafford to play Manchester United for their campaigner opener.