Leipzig’s Poulsen on Bundesliga ambition and Tanzania love

German Bundesliga By: Lolade Adewuyi | 30/10/2018

Peru 0-1 Denmark: Poulsen seals maximum points  for Danes

Danish striker Yussuf Poulsen believes RB Leipzig can finish at the top of the Bundesliga this season if they continue to work hard.

Moments after die rotten bullen were held to a goalless draw by Schalke 04 at the Red Bull Arena, Poulsen expressed hopes that they could still catch up with league leaders, Borussia Dortmund, who have a five-point lead on the Bundesliga table. In a season where perennial champions Bayern Munich are struggling, the more consistent teams could dream of winning it.

“We want to achieve a lot this season,” Poulsen told media during a StarTimes Bundesliga Tour. “I think we have performed very well until now. I think we can go all the way through and be on the top of the table,” he said.

Poulsen, who has scored four goals so far, fired blanks alongside strike partner Timo Werner. He was unfazed by the lack of goals.

“Every striker wants to make goals all the time, it was hard today,” he said. “Schalke did a good job so we weren’t able to break through their difference.”

Poulsen, who was born to a Tanzanian father and Danish mother, chose to play for Denmark but he said he follows a lot of Tanzanian cultural activities.

“I have a lot of family there, I’ve visited many times, I love Tanzania and I think I’m going to visit again next summer,” Poulsen said.

Asked if he knew Tanzania’s most famous music export, Diamond Platinumz, the 24-year-old said he did not.