Lionel Messi describes his sons in a laughable manner - FCNaija

International Edition By: Iseghohi Odianosen | 07/12/2017

Barcelona forward Lionel Messi has described his son in a laughable manner in his interview with TYC Sports.

Messi spoke about his two sons Thiago and Mateo. Thiago is five years old while Matteo is two years old, The Argentine forward spoke on how Thiago isn’t a football-mad as Luis Suarez’s son, Benjamin.

“Thiago’s friend, Luis’s son, Benjamin. They have the same age and he’s football crazy. He loves to play football, he watches football, and he knows all the players. And Thiago no, he likes cars, he likes motorcycles, he plays other things. He likes football, but just a bit. He plays a bit, and he gets tired.”

When asked about little Mateo though, Messi joked:

“Mateo... terrible. Mateo is a character. They’re very different. Thiago is a phenomenon, really good. And the other, the exact opposite: a son of a bitch. Mateo is terrible. It’s really good seeing how different they are. Mateo does play a bit of football, right-footed. He’s more coordinated. He hits it well. But, he’s small.”

Messi is expected to make the starting line up for Barcelona when they take a trip to play Villarreal at the Ceramica Stadium on Sunday.