Liverpool should be trophy winners not entertainers - Klopp

International Edition By: Uche Duru | 16/04/2018

Jurgen Klopp has applauded Liverpool for reaching 300 goals under his watch but is anxious to have them convert the entertainment displays into trophies.

After seeing Liverpool win Bournemouth 3-0 in their latest outing, Klopp told reporters on his footballing philosophy: “It’s about winning football games. It’s about creating moments and knowing to use them. That’s the thing.

“We scored a lot of goals before but nobody was really happy about not having clean sheets because it makes winning quite difficult. We had the set-piece issue, we had different issues already and step by step we sorted it a little bit better.

“All these things we sorted step by step, and the boys enjoy the game obviously. You could see that on Saturday.

“It’s such an intense time, and playing like this is great, it’s just great and scoring these goals is really good. 300 is really a massive number, to be honest.”

Klopp added on the need to break his trophy duck: “I love watching that kind of football but I don’t want to be the entertainer or whatever and it is like, ‘Oh we had fun but we didn’t win anything’.

“I know the reason is we come here together to win things but I think the way you try to do it is important.

“What can you start first? You cannot be successful without playing good football, you cannot be the best side in the world, have the best players, and yeah you can play defensive football – that’s possible.

“But we are not one and not the other so we have to find a way for ourselves. That is what we do step by step.”

Liverpool reached League Cup and Europa League finals in 2016, only to come unstuck against Manchester City and Sevilla in domestic and continental competition.

They are back in the hunt for European honours this season, with the Champions League semi-final draw having paired them with Serie A side, Roma.