Man United football legend, David Beckham turns a movie star

Football Lifestyle By: Uche Duru | 30/04/2017

David Beckham, one of Britains most iconic athletes and a Manchester United legend who featured in the class of 92 alongside Paul Scholes and the Neville brothers among others is shockingly now a movie star.

Guy Ritchie’s upcoming King Arthur movie has film fans excited for many reasons, but let’s be honest, for a lot of us it’s mostly to see David Beckham in his first big screen outing.

We have seen the ex-football legend display his skills in the beautiful but do you think he can repeat that on the movie scene? 

Meanwhile, The 41-year old father of four took to his Instagram page to share some set pictures of his newly found career. He was actually looking rather worse for wear, with a deep, red gnarly scar running down his forehead and into his hairline, and a nasty set of gnashers that look like they haven’t seen a toothbrush in a few years.

Rough day at the office @kingarthurmovie @guyritchie

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Let's take a look at David Beckham as he swaps the football kit for a suit of armour in the picture below:

What do you think football fans?