Meet sexy female Brazilian assistant referee


Sexy Denise Bueno (left) has made worldwide headlines with her attire that revealed her nipples during an amateur match in Brazil.

While Bayern Munich players may complain about the decisions of the referees during their Champions League quarterfinal loss to Real Madrid and justifiably so, but maybe they would have had less to complain about if it were Denise Bueno who ran the line in that game.

So, who is Denise Bueno?

Well, she is a stunning Brazilian beauty who ran the line as an assistant referee in an amateur match between Desire and Sporting and her attire has made worldwide headlines.

During the game, she wore a skimpy T-shirt, shorts and socks, Bueno turned heads of footballers who lined up for photos with the official. And she went a step further by donning a wet T-shirt in which to run the line for the match.

As players on both sides posed for a picture, a couple couldn't even look down the camera lens while others wore smiles from ear to ear.

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