Mourinho blasts Ajax Europa League presence

Europa League By: Linus Onyeze | 19/05/2017

Jose Mourinho has questioned Ajax's presence in the Europa League ahead of the final next week.Jose Mourinho has questioned Ajax's presence in the Europa League ahead of the final next week.

Jose Mourinho has questioned Ajax’s presence in the Europa League final ahead of the clash that will see the English and Dutch giants square up next week.

Ajax played in the Champions League this season but were knocked out by Rostov in the last qualifying round in August, winning automatic entry to the Europa League group stage.

But the United boss is of the opinion that a club should not be able to play in both competitions, saying: “They are a Champions League team, they come from the Champions League. I always disagree with it.

“I think a team shouldn't play two European competitions in the same season, they should go home. They shouldn't have the opportunity to play the Europa League. The Europa League is for teams who go into the Europa League like us.

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“We finished fifth last season, and we went to the Europa League. We start the Europa League from the beginning of the season and we have to fight to where we are.”

Asked if he was surprised that a young Ajax team had reached the final, Mourinho replied: “No, I'm not surprised at all. Why are you surprised, I really don't know? I don't think the age of the players is important, the quality is.

“When you speak about investments, you look to the biggest clubs in the world. I don't believe Ajax doesn't make the right investment at the right age.

“I don't think these very good young players go by luck to Ajax. The scouting system has to be very good, the education system has to be very good.

“The small investment at the young age then becomes like a big investment in other ages so they work well for sure, so I don't see where the surprise.”