My problem with Chelsea fans - Mourinho speaks

FA Cup By: Linus Onyeze | 19/05/2018

FA Cup: Conte, Mourinho In Final Fight

Jose Mourinho reached out to Chelsea supporters and admitted he doesn't know how he will be received by them at Wembley on Saturday despite making his peace with Antonio Conte.

Mourinho was subjected to taunts of 'Judas' when Chelsea beat United in the FA Cup quarter-finals last season as his relationship with the fans of his old club turned sour. But the 55-year-old coach praised them on Friday for standing by him even when he was sacked by Roman Abramovich in 2007 — four months after lifting the FA Cup with Chelsea against United — and again in 2015.

“The only thing I say in relation to Chelsea supporters is that since my first day in 2004 until my last day when I was sacked a couple of years ago, they were with me unconditionally,” said Mourinho.

“They supported me every day, every match. They supported me even on the days I was sacked — twice.

“That I will never forget because they did what great supporters do — support their manager unconditionally until the last day. They were phenomenal.”

However, the United manager admitted he does not know if his sentiments will be reciprocated, adding: “When I became Manchester United manager, you know better than me of course, if the supporters hate me or dislike me or disrespect me.

“That is something I cannot control. But you don't have any thoughts from me with negative words about Chelsea supporters. Not one word.”