Neville and Carragher in heated row over Sanchez fee

EPL By: Ambrose Udeme | 16/01/2018

Retired England internationals Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have bared their thoughts on the Alexis Sanchez transfer situation after Manchester United's latest move appears to have scuppered Manchester City's pursuit of the Chilean.

While the former Liverpool man Carragher believes City are backing out because they feel betrayed by Sanchez who many believe must have had a hand shake with City last summer over a deal, Neville is shocked that the Cityzens who have been matching their city rivals toe to toe in the transfer market would back out of a deal for as little as £30m.

United are reportedly prepared to pay Alexis Sanchez more than £350,000 per week, £5m in fees to the agents and £35m to Arsenal as the club lead the chase to sign the Chilean.

City, who have ended their interest in signing Sanchez because the cost of the deal has become too expensive, were unwilling to pay more than £20m for a player who is out of contract in the summer, and unprepared to pay him more than their current stars such as Kevin de Bruyne.

Neville: It's something that's come really late. Someone in Sanchez's camp has given Manchester United inkling that the door's open and it's not a done deal. I thought it was a done deal to Manchester City, I think everybody did.

I don't think anybody thought anything other than Alexis Sanchez would be playing for Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, but from what we hear he's close to signing for Manchester United. I still don't believe that because I just don't see the economics.

I'm just looking at it economically. Manchester United have apparently offered £35m, £5m for an agent fee and £350,000 a week which comes in at just over £100m for Alexis Sanchez, who is 29 years old.

City are apparently saying they won't pay more than £72m. Gone are the days where you can think a Bosman signing is going to cost you less than it would do if you were paying a fee to a club.

If Sanchez had two years left on his contract you'd have to pay Arsenal £75m to £80m and him £200,000 to £250,000 a week. It would cost you £100m. He's going to cost £100m anyway so I'm not quite sure what City's economics are, particularly when they've spent £50m on Kyle Walker and the package of his wages over five years might cost £80m.

They're willing to put more into Walker than they are Sanchez. I'm struggling to see why it doesn't make sense for City to pay more to get Sanchez because ultimately it seems to me City think they can get him cheaper than the market would be offering for a player of that quality. That's what doesn't make sense to me." said the former Man United man on Sky Sports

Carragher: It's not about money. It might be for Sanchez but not for City. They're not bothered about an extra £30m, what's that to City? It's absolutely nothing. It's the fact the man, I would say, has given his word that he's going to go to City.

He's probably shook hands on a deal. They tried to get him in the summer but Arsenal pulled out of it. I'm sure they've been talking all the way through, saying we'll get you when the window re-opens. Manchester United have come from nowhere and offered more money. That's not a criticism of United, maybe they have to pay more money at this moment in time than City to get players.

However, it looks like he's backed out of a deal and that's why City have backed away from the deal not because of £30m. You're the owner of Salford and if you were in Manchester City's position and a player did that, I think you'd walk away. Or would you say we'll match the offer? the Kops legend opined