Neymar goes positive with a Hawking quote on a wheelchair - FCNaija

Football Lifestyle By: Uche Duru | 15/03/2018

Injury-stricken Neymar is pulling a 'positive attitude' from a Stephen Hawking quote despite the unfortunate situation that has deprived him of playing time for a few weeks.

Neymar, the world's most expensive footballer, took to Instagram to tweet a picture of himself grinning in a wheelchair and wearing a bathing suit to pay homage to Stephen Hawking.

A brilliant British astrophysicist, Hawking died earlier Wednesday after spending most of his life confined to a wheelchair by motor neurone disease. He was 76.

Neymar, who faces just a few weeks in a wheelchair after breaking his right foot while playing for Paris Saint-Germain, posted his picture along with an inspirational quote from the science icon.

"You have to have a positive attitude and get the best of the situation you are in. Stephen Hawking" wrote the PSG Brazillian star.

The post has generated a plethora of heartwarming comments from the footballer's fans and well-wishers who can't wait to see the PSG star back on the pitch.