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Nigerian youngster fancies professional career at Arsenal

NPFL By: Collins Udeme | 15/06/2017

Nigerian youngster fancies professional career at Arsenal

If you are looking for the next big thing in Nigeria football since the exit of the magical skills of Jayjay Okocha and the intelligence of Kanu Nwankwo from the scene, Look no further as we present to you Alika Daniel.

Born on 19th July 1998, Alika as he is fondly called by his peers,combines the raw talent of Lionel Messi, the penetrating runs of Eden Hazard and assertiveness of Luca Modric,no wonder he loves to put on the number 10 jersey,an exclusive reserve of legends.

The 18 year old can play from the right wing and the left wing ,behind the striker or through the middle as his passes always come with a killer instinct,he enjoys taking on defenders as well shooting the ball hard with precision if that is the best option on the field of play.

Alika's eyes for goals is legendary, he is as dangerous when backing the opponent's goal post as when he is facing it. His penetrating runs is an asset which will take him far in this trade providence has chosen for him. He enjoys playing the ball on the ground no wonder his desire is to play in the English Premier League for Arsenal FC.

" I love to play for Arsenal because of the way they use the ball on the ground and the fact that it's a good platform that gives talented youthful player an opportunity to grow and achieve their potential.

He has this to say about Midas Football Academy,just after 6 months of joining the training establishment.

Nigerian youngster fancies professional career at Arsenal

"The academy has really help my Game a whole lot especially in the act of goal scoring and it has really helped my confidence on the ball and I appreciate the good job of the management as he looks forward to a

professional trial in Europe this summer."

Alika doesn't waste time to explore on the field of play and never hesitate to unleash his tricks each time the opportunity present itself,this is evident in the goal he scored against the COD Football Club of Lagos recently, he benefited from a loose 25 yard from the goal post and he fires a well measured lob over the goalkeeper to the delight of spectators and this provoke applause even from the opposing team.

"I have scored some beautiful in the past but the one against COD was my favorite because it's a deliberate lob to measure the height of the goalkeeper when i saw that he is off his line already, i watched with the ball going in with delight as goalie tried to lift himself to parry the ball the ball keeps on rising until it founds the back of the net.

Nigerian youngster fancies professional career at Arsenal

According to his coach, he is the working type, "he gives his best in training and put his best effort in games,he is a player you can trust with the ball.. His team mates always look up to him to get the job done he concluded."  Coach Emeka Njoku opined

The cool,calm ,collected footballer who hates not score after 90 minutes on the pitch shares his secret for success with the Academy's official website "I always work hard in training and look unto

God for favor on match days and he has never disappointed me"