Real Madrid topple Man Utd as the 'most valuable club'

La Liga By: Iseghohi Odianosen | 16/05/2019

Real Madrid is now the world most valuable football club in the world according to Brand Finance.

A report in Cadena Cope reveals the findings of the report in Brand Finance that reveals that Real Madrid is now the number one valuable club in the world, with Manchester United down to second and Barcelona in third.

The report claims that Real Madrid now has a value of €1,646m and is one of just six clubs whose value exceeds €1billion.

Manchester United (€1,472m), Barcelona (€1,393m), Bayern Munich (€1,314m), Manchester City (€1,255m) and Liverpool (€1,191m) are the others whose value hits such heights.

Real Madrid’s value is said to have increased by 27% over the past year to allow it to claim this spot for the first time in a decade, with its revenue increasing to €750m.

The report also found that Real Madrid is now the most valuable company in the world at €4179m, followed closely by Barcelona (€4125m) and Manchester United (€4044m).

Atletico Madrid remain 14th on the list while Sevilla has moved from 48th to 35th.