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Remember My Name - The song to inspire Nigeria’s World Cup?

World Cup 2018 By: Lolade Adewuyi | 12/05/2018

Star O.L.A Remember My Name

Inspired by Alex Iwobi’s late goal against Zambia that sent Nigeria to the 2018 World Cup, singer Star O.L.A returned to his hotel room in Uyo that night in October 2017 and wrote the lyrics to his new single.

Titled “Remember My Name” and produced by Zealous in Abeokuta, Star O.L.A hopes that the fast tempo Afropop song motivates the Super Eagles to glory when they begin their campaign at Russia 2018 next month.

The chorus of the song speaks about its intentions: “Because we play the game/ Dem dey love our ways/ But when we win for Russia/ You know history will be made/ Because we play the game/ Urugepumadule/ When Super Eagles enter Russia/ You go Remember My Name”.

I stumbled on the song by Star O.L.A, born Oladipupo Sanusi, on Instagram where he had tagged a few Nigeria players.
After following him, we got into a conversation about the song.

“My inspiration [for] making a World Cup song for the Super Eagles of Nigeria came when Alex Iwobi scored that victorious goal against Zambia in Uyo,” he told

“I saw the game from the Super Eagles camp in Uyo. The tension was high like it was all over Nigeria and the people I saw the game with were also praying as some of the guys begged God anytime the Zambians attacked our defence.

“At last Alex sent the nation to Russia to make history with that [well-taken] goal. I got to my hotel room later that night after the celebrations and then I thought of a song that would inspire the team in Russia.

“After a few days, the title that came to mind was "Remember My Name" and this historic song was born,” he said.

Star O.L.A is a familiar face across the football landscape having recorded songs for the National Sports Festival – EKO 2012 and was named as a musical ambassador by the Lagos State Football Association.

Star O.L.A

If not for music, Star O.L.A could have been trying his hands at professional football.

“I love football so much that in my neighbourhood I am called Ronaldo because of my skills on the ball and speed,” he said.

“Most of the football tournaments I perform, I normally entertain the crowd with my music and I also do some tricks with the ball while performing, like stepovers that can amount to 30 - 50 depending on how physically fit I am that day.”

As the World Cup inches closer, Star O.L.A hopes his music inspires the Super Eagles to great things in Russia in order to achieve immortality so the world can remember their names.

The song is available for free download online: