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Rooney's party girl has also had night out with 5 EPL stars

Football Lifestyle By: Uche Duru | 10/09/2017

It has been revealed that Wayne Rooney's party girl who is at the center of his drink-drive arrest which has put his marriage on the line, is obsessed with footballers and has targeted several stars in a bid to live a lavish lifestyle.

According to a former friend of Laura Simpson, the office worker who had a wild boozing night out with Wayne Rooney before his arrest two weeks ago also enjoyed a night out with his ex-team-mate Marouane Fellaini.

But her romance with the Manchester United star ended when she dropped a Big Mac into his pool.

Recalling their night at Fellaini’s £4million mansion, Laura told a friend: “We got a McDonald’s on the way back. We were messing around in the swimming pool.

“I got my Big Mac out, took a bite and the rest of the burger slid out and fell into the water.

“I was mortified and he was really angry.

"I just remember seeing the lettuce and bread bobbing around on the surface and other bits slowly sinking. I can still see it now.”

The friend said the mother of one met Belgian ace Fellaini at Manchester club Sakura in the summer of 2014.

According to her friend: “Laura went to the bar and Fellaini was there — in a bobble hat which hid his afro.

“They chatted for 20 minutes then Fellaini said, ‘We’re leaving, do you want to come?’

“Laura couldn’t find her friend so she decided to leave with Fellaini and two other guys.”

The friend added: “Laura was hungry so she asked if they could go to a McDonald’s.

“When they got back, Fellaini and Laura were left alone and he suggested they go to the room where his indoor pool is.

“Laura jumped in fully clothed for a laugh then Fellaini got in and they started messing around.

“She spotted the McDonald’s on the side, so got out and wrapped herself in a towel and took a bite.

“The burger slipped out of the bun and it all collapsed into the pool.

“Fellaini saw it happen and got really, really angry.

“It’s a pain to have to get a pool cleaned, especially because someone you’ve only just met has dropped a burger in it.”

According to her, Laura then further enraged Fellaini by asking him to take her home. But the footballer woke one of his friends who drove Laura from the mansion in Worsley, Gtr Manchester, to her sister’s in Irlam.

It was also revealed that the single mum has chased Man United legend Ryan Giggs and West Ham United loanee Joe Hart and Burnley star Phil Bardsley.

A source said that Laura studies the Premier League fixtures so she knows which players will be in town.

She hangs out in places the stars go to and does “laps” of clubs hoping to spot one. Last summer, she tried to “get stuck into” Giggs, 43, at Manchester cocktail bar Panacea.

It was at that time his wife Stacey was divorcing him over his affair with his brother Rhodri’s then wife Natasha.

The source said: “She was doing her usual laps and clocked Giggs and some others.

"She forced her way on to their table and was all over Giggs. In fairness, he was just being polite.

"Nothing happened but it wasn’t due to a lack of effort on her part.”

According to the source, Laura previously chased Hart when he was out with his wife Kim Crew, 30. She spotted the goalie, who is on loan with West Ham, at Victor’s restaurant in Hale, Cheshire.

When Joe’s wife went to the loo Laura walked past his table to get his attention.

The pal said: “He ignored her but she said, ‘Make sure you go to Suburbia’ which is a nightclub nearby.

"Later on Joe was in Suburbia in a private cornered area, but Laura was frustrated because she couldn’t get access to it.”

In another attempt, she spent a night trying to get the attention of Phil Bardsley at The Symposium, the bar in Wilmslow, Cheshire, she left with Rooney.

She eventually approached the defender, said the source, despite being told he was married to Real Housewives of Cheshire TV star Tanya Bardsley.