SHOCKER! Guardiola set to coach England at the World Cup - FCNaija

World Cup 2018 By: Linus Onyeze | 31/12/2017

England could have Pep Guardiola as one of their coaches for the World Cup as the Manchester City boss has put himself forward to help the Three Lions if manager Gareth Southgate would be willing to have him.

Despite being a hugely successful manager and currently being on the verge of winning the Premier League title, Guardiola says working with England at the World Cup would also be an opportunity for him to learn.

"Of course I'm able to speak with them, no problem,” said the City manager. “They don't know it but I will learn from them as well. I'm pretty sure of that.

"When this happens I try to be smart to take something from them as we can always learn. That is why I'm here in England and why I went to Germany — to learn a different perspective of ways.

“I was a young manager and travelled around the world to be with other managers to explain to me the secrets or how they think or what they believe.

“It was a gift to speak to other managers who opened the doors and explained what they believe in, the profession, the locker rooms, the tactics, whatever.”

Guardiola stressed, however, that he should only be seen as a sounding board rather than the Messiah.

“Of course, in the end all I can say is that afterwards they have to do what they believe — don't follow me because I have success now, that's a big mistake,” he said.