Valdano blasts Zidane over his unpredicted approach

La Liga By: Iseghohi Odianosen | 06/09/2019

Former Real Madrid general manager Jorge Valdano has blasted Zinedine Zidane for his unpredicted approach to his team this season.

Valdano is of the view that Zidane’s approach is different to that of last season and his method of managing to the team is one of the issues Real Madrid is encountering at the moment.

"One of the problems Madrid have is the defense, they all move on personal impulses and that leaves them out of position.  Valdano said, As games wear on, the team seems to get distracted and that is when all sense of order is lost. Madrid's problems this season are not the same as the ones they experienced last season because from what we have seen so far, Zidane is not the same.

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"Over the summer, he ended up confusing everyone - including the fans. Bale was supposed to leave but now he's an undisputed starter. They were waiting on Pogba but he never arrived. I get the impression that Zidane has been working based on the hypothetical assumption that Pogba would be joining. So during the pre-season, we saw him using different systems. In my opinion, instead of enhancing the team, he's confused the players.

"The team is still not defined, we don't know whether it's an attacking team or a more defensive team... When Zizou first took the Madrid coaching post, from Day One we were left in no doubt about what kind of team he wanted. He would always state who was going to play. Now we don't know which players are in his starting XI. If Madrid had a Champions League tie tomorrow..."

Real  Madrid had five points from their last three games having drawn their last two games. the team will welcome back Eden Hazard when they host Levante at the Santiago Bernabeu next week.