What Buffon did post Juve loss to Napoli will make you smile

Serie A By: Linus Onyeze | 23/04/2018

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Gianluigi Buffon once again showed his class by staying behind on the pitch to congratulate all the Napoli players following their Serie A match on Sunday which has now narrowed the gap between Juventus and Maurizio Sarri’s men to just one point.

Napoli threw the Serie A title race wide open with a dramatic 1-0 win in Turin, but one of the major headlines was Buffon being the only Juventus player to remain on the pitch to wish their rivals well.

And the gesture didn’t go unnoticed on social media as one Twitter account wrote: “Buffon is always such a class act. Staying on the pitch to congratulate all the Napoli players long after all the Juve squad went down the tunnel. Wish the game had more true gentlemen like him. Will be sorely missed when he retires.”

Another opined: “Forget the jokes for a minute. This, from Gigi Buffon tonight is the rule rather than the exception with him and this, not his post-Madrid rant, is why he is so widely respected and adored within Italian football.”

Kalidou Koulibaly's 89th-minute winner moved Napoli to within one point of the leaders with four games to go, and understandably, the rest of the Juventus team headed down the tunnel in obvious disappointment.