Why I snubbed the FA Cup final for F1 - Jose Mourinho

FA Cup By: Ambrose Udeme | 28/05/2017

Why I snubbed the FA Cup final for F1 - Jose Mourinho

Manchester United boss Josre Mourinho has explained the brilliant reason why he snubbed the FA Cup final involving Arsenal and Chelsea FC at the Wembley stadium on Saturday.

The Portuguese didn’t even watch Saturday’s FA Cup final, regardless of the fact it featured Chelsea – a team he managed for the small matter of 321 games.

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There were other motives at play in spite of the fact he was preoccupied with the racing. After all, Red Bull had personally invited him to the track after conversations with drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Mex Verstappen.

His decision to miss Arsenal’s 2-1 win, though, simply lied with the fact he "couldn’t care."

Speaking to Sky Sports, the 54-year-old explained: "I don't care about football for a month. I'm really happy with our season, the trophies, to be back in Champions League but now I have a rest, to disconnect completely and enjoy my family and friends and other sports I like.”

Mourinho has been the manager of arguably the world’s biggest club at potentially its lowest point in recent history. Given the amount of pressure on his shoulders, it’s perhaps no surprise that he wants to go cold turkey.

The Portuguese who led the Red Devils to win the UEFA Europa League courtesy a 2-0 win against Ajax, lost in the quarter-finals of the Emirates FA Cup to Chelsea, no thanks to a long range effort by N'Golo Kante.