Why I tweeted 'se queda' before Neymar's exit - Pique

La Liga By: Ambrose Udeme | 12/08/2017

Why I tweeted 'se queda' before Neymar's exit - Pique

Controversial Barcelona defender Gerard Pique says he knew his former team-mate Neymar was leaving the club when he tweeted 'se queda'.

As Neymar was being linked with a move to Paris Saint-Germain, Gerard Pique caused a stir by tweeting a photo and insisting that the forward was going to stay at the Camp Nou, but he has now admitted that he already knew the transfer was on the cards.

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Questioned about the tweet during Barcelona's US tour, Pique claimed that it was simply his intuition that the Brazilian would remain in Catalonia, but now he has changed his story once again.

"I don't feel like I've been tricked," he told reporters in the pre-Supercopa press conference on Saturday evening.

"Now that everything has taken place I can explain how it all went down. At [Lionel] Messi's wedding, Neymar already had this idea that he would leave [Barcelona].

"The day that I posted the 'se queda' ['he stays', in English] tweet, I already knew that he was 100 percent leaving, but it was my final shot. He was annoyed at me. I'm sure he had his reasons.

"In the end, we cannot judge him as he has taken a brave decision. He performed really well for us and has now left money in the bank, while we remember him fondly." said Pique as quoted on MARCA