Why players must stop having tattoos - Experts

EPL By: Ambrose Udeme | 30/08/2017

Why players must stop having tattoos - Experts

German academics claim layers are wrecking their health by having tattoos as the work impacts on the players’ performances and powers of recovery.

Countless stars have covered large areas of their torsos, arms and legs with body art in recent years. And Dr Ingo Frobose, of Cologne’s German Sports University, urged clubs to ban their players from having tattoos, insisting the ink is poisoning them.

The 60-year old Prof in an interview as published by SunSports said: “I would forbid footballers from being tattooed. Clubs take every little aspect of their players’ health seriously, yet they don’t care about this behaviour at all.

“It would do clubs good if they paid more attention to their responsibilities, and the efficiency of their players.

“Various studies have shown that players suffer a three to five per cent drop in performance level after having a tattoo done.

“The skin is the largest organ that we possess – yet we poison it. Further research has shown that 60-70 per cent of the ink from tattoos doesn’t stay on the skin, but instead passes into the bloodstream.

“As a result, one’s powers of recovery suffer, and you are no longer as fresh as previously. Green and blue lymph nodes can be a consequence. And large tattoos can affect the body’s ability to sweat and regulate its temperature.”

Current England stars Joe Hart and Raheem Sterling both have tattoos on their arms, and Manchester United players Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Marcos Rojo both have ink. Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi has his entire lower left leg covered in ink, while Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos also has several.

Former Madrid and United ace David Beckham famously became one of the most high-profile players to have tattoos and has continues to get new designs into his retirement, recently showing off an inked tribute to his daughter Harper.

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