Casemiro was in training on Friday morning at the Valdebebas and said farewells to his Real Madrid teammates with all set to be the latest Manchester United player.

The Brazilian midfielder met the players and the club’s staff to say goodbye, with most of them abreast of the latest speculation surrounding the future of the player.

Many couldn’t believe that he could leave, the anchor man and the team’s pivot and a legend of the club and he trained for one hour with his former teammates before his farewell.

Real Madrid manager Ancelotti places hope in ‘new Casemiro’

In his usual way arrived at Real Madrid’s training ground ahead of time, though he wants a move to Manchester United he remained calm and he did the needful by attending training having met with manager Carlo Ancelotti and discussed his desire to quit Real Madrid an idea that was respected by the manager, the club’s board and his teammates.

After meeting with Ancelotti, in a meeting in which it was made clear what would happen in the coming hours, he chatted with his colleagues of his intention and he said goodbye in a very informal way – individually, in small groups, the subject was dealt with naturally, he was unable to complete the training with the rest of the squad.


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