Jose Mourinho was featured in a music video released by British superstar rapper Stormzy titled ‘Mel Made Me Do It

Mourinho was featured in the video and this is expected to make a lot of football fans excited, the track represents the MC’s first solo effort in three years, filled with clever wordplay, it is already being hailed as his best song to date.

Some of the punchline of the music “I prefer not to speak like I’m Jose”, and follows by actual audio from a real Jose Mourinho press conference: “I prefer really not to speak, if I speak, I am in trouble”.Stormzy drops the line as the camera pans into a room of Stormzy’s entourage, with Mourinho standing to the side. As the camera gets closer, both the grime MC and Mourinho put their index fingers to their mouths indicating the gesture for “be quiet”.

Meanwhile, the rest of the stand-ins start to jump around and dance, in an impactful sequence.
Other superstars in the music include Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter.

Bolt the current holder of the 100 and 200-meter world records. The opening line of the song states: “I’ve been the goat for so long I guess it’s not exciting when I win”. Which is reminiscent of Mourinho, and Bolt’s states of mind when they were in their prime. Looking back, is likely why Stormzy decided to have them featured in the video for ‘Mel Made Me Do It’.

Bolt remains the greatest sprinter of all time and still holds the record,
Strormzy is considered the best Grime rapper of all time, securing the first album in the genre to top the UK charts.

Mourinho was named World’s Best Coach of the 21st Century by the prestigious International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) at the prime of his reign and has won some prestigious trophies in all the clubs he managed.

Mel Made Made Do It can be seen as a link joining all three superstars in their respective fields.


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