UEFA might sanction Manchester City ahead of the clash against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals.

The match between Manchester City and Atletico Madrid ended in a brawl as players from both teams lost their cool and went into battle thanks to the intervention of the stewards and some of the club officials that helped in preventing the issue from getting out of hand.

Felipe went hard on Phil Folden and he was shown a red card by the official for a rough challenge on the Manchester City attacker.

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Folden’s attempt to waste time caused Stefan Savic to react and drag him off the pitch, this led both teams to an intense contest which carried on into the tunnel after the full-time whistle.

The official took note of the incident and took note of the players involved in the rough incident

Manchester City’s players could face the risk of being suspended in the first leg of the semi-final tie against Real Madrid while Diego Simone’s men who are found guilty will miss the group stage of the Champions League next season as they are already out of this season’s competition.


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