Welcome to an era of freebies and rewards! Moniebet has kicked off the new football season with a bang! 8 DSTV Explora  decoders, 80 jerseys up for grabs in 8 weeks.

Imagine watching all your premier league matches on DSTV free of charge for 240 days plus the opportunity to record your favourite matches to watch later? This way you’d never  have to miss a match!!! Sounds incredible but true !

Enter the Moniebet promotion for a chance to win a DSTV Explora decoder + 9 months subscription fully paid by Moniebet!

With only N500 qualifying stake within the qualifying promotion week, you can participate for a chance to never miss watching your favourite teams play.

If you miss the  DSTV Explora, you should not miss grabbing a new jersey of your favourite club as consolation reward.

10 lucky winners who miss the Explora decoder have the chance to win 10 jerseys of their favourite clubs weekly.

Winners will be randomly selected from a weekly draw a day after the qualifying period.

To participate now, visit MONIEBET , and follow the on-screen instructions.

T & Cs Apply.


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